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"The trouble with life isn't that there is no answer, it's that there are so many answers" 

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Selected Works by and about Ruth Benedict

Benedict, Ruth                                                                                               
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Biography of Ruth Benedict 

Anthropological Theories

                                                                                                                          Sources                                                                                                                   Mead, Margaret  1974  Ruth Benedict. New York: Columbia Univerisity Press.  

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Ruth Fulton Benedict was an American cultural anthropologist, widely known for her book Patterns of Culture (1934). 

Ruth always had a love for writing, and penned poetry under the name of Anne Singeton.  Later, Ruth began to write biographies of three feminists: Margaret Fuller, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Olive Schreiner.  She only finished Mary Wollstonecraft, leaving the rest undone due to the lack of enthusiasm from publishers. 

Instead, in the fall of 1919, Ruth enrolled at the New School for Social Research and took two anthropology courses, probably because, she later said, to understand the recent "conflict among nations" (Modell 1989:2).  One of her teachers was Elsie Clews Parsons, who in 1921, decided that Benedict should become an anthropologist. 

Parsons introduced Benedict to Franz Boas at Columbia University, where she also met Margaret Mead and Edward Sapir.  At Columbia, she did her fieldwork among the Serrano Indians (1922), Zuni Pueblo (1924), and later Apache (1931), and Blackfoot Indians (1939). 

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Ruth Benedict with two Blackfeet Men

During the 1930s, while editing the Journal of American Folk-Lore (1924-39) and teaching at Columbia University (1923-31), Ruth Benedict wrote Patterns of CulturePatterns of Culture brought together anthropological, poetic, and personal insights of the past ten years, and became an American Classic.